Strategic Cooperation between Sirect Semiconductor and American PIP Semiconductor

Date: 2017-08-16
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Sirect Semiconductor recently held talks with Perfect Intelligent Power Semiconductor (PIP Semiconductor) in Taipei's Asia-Pacific Operating Center on technology exchange and market strategy cooperation. The meeting was held by Chen Wenqi, Director of Technology for Sirect Semiconductor Asia-Pacific Region, and Mr. Li Guodong, Director of Marketing.Talks with PIP semiconductor VP James Cai and others.The two sides reached consensus on strategic cooperation in product development, patent sharing, technology exchange and marketing of power semiconductors, especially in the field of high efficiency and energy saving of third generation semiconductors. After the meeting, a memorandum of cooperation and strategic cooperation agreement were signed.


PIP Semi is a high-tech company founded in Colorado, USA. Its R&D team is from Fairchild, IR and TFSS. Since its establishment in 2003, PIP Semi has been focusing on the design and development of advanced semiconductor power devices and integrated circuits, the manufacturing technology of crystal gardens and the packaging and testing technology.In January 2015, Jiangsu Lijun Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in cooperation with Jiangsu Xiangyang Group. The company develops and manufactures advanced semiconductor power devices such as VDMOS, SG MOSFET, Coolmos, IGBT, Gate Driver IC and so on, which are used in energy saving, green lighting, smart grid, electric vehicles, industrial control equipment, consumer electronics and other fields. 


The above-mentioned Jiangsu Xiangyang Group is a large domestic group with annual revenue of more than 5 billion RMB, covering textile, chemical, metals, electronics and agriculture.

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