Company History


April 2002

-Established Sirectifier Electronics Technology Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan. 

- Cooperation in strategy with Changzhou Sirectifier Semiconductor Factory, a Sino-French joint venture on wafer and assembly of Power Semiconductors.

-Started to put the power device TO-220 and TO-247 package products into production. 

-Launched the planar process of high-voltage Schottky Barrier Diode. 

-Firstly launched the platinum barrier ultra-low reverse current leakage Schottky Barrier Diode MBR series products. 

-Registered SIRECT trademark to sell power semiconductor products, and mainly served for the large-scale industrial power supply, uninterruptible power supply, server power supply and medium and large sized inverter manufacturers. 


-Cooperated with Ametron Semiconductor, American and its subsidiaries, Action Integrated Asia Corp., Philippine in wafer and assembly of discrete component. 

-Launched the chromium barrier ultra-low forward voltage drop-down 15V Schottky Barrier Diode.


-Started to provide ODM and OEM services for power semiconductor companies in United States and Taiwan area

-Sold power module and other power device products in Taiwan market, including the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) module, single-phase and three-phase rectifier module, fast recovery and others. 

-Entered into the Japanese market and used by the game console power supply of the famous Japanese companies


-Established Sirectifier Global Corp., American.

-Cooperated with Power Silicon Inc., American in the wafer design field.

-Obtained the Free-wheel Diode structure patent

-Products were used by many larger server and industrial power supply factories in Taiwan.


-Developed ESD Protection Devices and applied them to portable device markets

-Launched the patent products, high power density TO-126 insulated package series


-Successfully developed the Schottky Barrier Diode with the ESD-plus ability reaching to 35KV. 

-Firstly launched the low forward voltage drop-down Schottky Barrier Diode complying with the laws and regulations of the Energy Star. 


-Launched the photovoltaic By-Pass Diode. 

-Cooperated with Lingsen Precision Industries, Taiwan to conduct the power device TO-220 assembly. 

-The product has been used as the parts for many famous manufacturers of the desk-top calculator and manufacturers of the power supply and display power adapters


-Founded Sirect Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen as a domestic sales position in China

-Firstly launched the halogen-free products

-Launched the alloy barrier 100V and 150V low forward voltage drop-down Schottky Barrier Diode. 

-Full series products satisfied the requirements of REACH environmental regulations of EU.


-Taiwan Sirect Electronics moved to the current address, the Operational Headquarters of Far East World Center in Xizhi District. 

-Launched the axial lead high power density package products, such as SBD, Fast Recovery Diode and Transient Voltage Suppressor. 

-Included into the parts list of the Display and Notebook computer power supplier of famous factories in South Korea. 


-Launched the surface mount device (SMD) Schottky Barrier Diode and Fast Recovery Diodes. 

-Began to research and develop of the Trench low forward voltage drop-down Schottky Barrier Diode. 


-Launched the slim surface mount device high power density TO-277 products. 

-Sirectifier Grobal Corp., United State was renamed as Sirect Semiconductor, Inc.

-The stable customers of the power supply designers and manufacturers exceeded 300. 


-Launched the power package TO-252, TO-262 and TO-263 series. 

-Taiwan Sirect Electronics passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality systems. 


-Launched the slim high power density surface mount Slim SMA products. 



-Comprehensively launched the Trench ultra-low forward voltage drop-down Schottky Barrier Diode. 

-The full series products satisfied with the requirements of RoHS 2.0 environmental regulations. 

-Entered into the mobile phone charger parts market to serve for many famous mobile phone manufacturers in Europe, America, Chinese Mainland and others. 


-Invested the assembly and testing factory, Taiwan Union Choice Technology Co., Ltd.

-Established operational headquarters, Shenzhen Sirect Semiconductors Inc. in China.

-Applied and obtained three Chinese patents and one Taiwan patent of the power semiconductor on tandem package structure and its application. 

- Launched the current regulative diode (CRD) and applied in the LED lighting field


-Started the strategic cooperation with Lingxun Electronics (Dong-guan) in the assembly and testing on the tandem patented products.

-Taiwan Sirect Electronics passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality systems. 

-Established XRF of IoT Technology (Shenzhen) to research, develop and establish the material safety analysis and Internet of Things (IoT) XRF spectrum gene pool. 

-The application includes the tandem package structure, ultra-high voltage power module, LED half-wave rectifier, single and three-phase bridge rectifier component and transistor tandem integration device and other power semiconductor application fields, totaling more than ten Chinese, the United States and Taiwan patents


-Established R&D Center located in Dongguan, and comprehensively conducted the research and development of the high-power, high power density and high-reliability power semiconductor products and their application

- Single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifier component and circuits, the first innovative products in the world, obtained the invention patent of the United States and Taiwan

-The transistor tandem integration device patent was listed as the advanced unit of scientific and technological innovation and the achievement of scientific and technological innovation by Chinese Scientist Forum

-Acted as a formal agency of the PD (power delivery) power supply management and quick charging chip products of Taiwan Weltrend Electronics.

-The mass production of the patent Tandem TO-220 power package as started successfully, and began to be launched in the market.

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