Sirect Semiconductor and Lingsun Electronics will form a joint venture company

Date: 2018-01-08
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Sirect Semiconductor and Dongguan Lingxun Electronics Project will form a joint venture company, specializing in the research and development of three patented products, including the third generation wide bandgap power semiconductor, power Factor Correction and Tandem Bridge Rectifier, as well as the development of MOSFET field effect transistors.In sealed production and sales business, the two sides initially agreed that the share-holding ratio would be 51% and 49%. A memorandum of understanding has been signed, which will be sent to the boards of directors of both sides for approval, and then proceed with the preparations for the establishment of the joint venture company.


Dongguan Lingsun Electronics Semiconductor Sealing and Testing Factory, established in 2012, is mainly engaged in the sealing and testing of semiconductor power devices, including Schottky Barrier Diode, FRED and MOSFET field effect transistors.


Sirect Semiconductor has applied for more than 30 new and invention patents in China, the United States and Taiwan. As an epoch-making breakthrough product, this sealing technology will improve the voltage resistance of devices in the third generation of power semiconductor GaN and SiC, and achieve higher power density and miniaturization. In the field of power factor correction, it also provides a high reliability, high efficiency and energy saving effect.At the same time, in the field of bridge rectifier, it provides a new breakthrough package product and application scheme, which greatly improves the power density, heat dissipation, reliability and exchange efficiency of single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifiers, reduces the volume of devices and reduces the failure rate of products.


The joint venture company is planned to produce 600 million power devices annually in five years, with an annual output value of RMB 8 to 1 billion. In the field of power semiconductor devices with high voltage resistance, high reliability and high efficiency, the two sides have formed a leading position among industries by relying on a number of patents.

Sirect Semiconductor and Lingsun Electronics will form a joint venture company

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