Sirect Semiconductors Inc. was founded in 2002 with the total registered capital of more than USD 8,000,000, and its core technology and teams come from the power semiconductor industries of Europe, America and Taiwan. It is mainly engaged in R&D and manufacturing of the high power density surface mount device and power package power devices, including the Schottky barrier diode(SBD), ultra fast recovery diode, current regulative diode (CRD), transient voltage suppressor (TVS), zener diode, standard rectifier diode, innovative bridge rectifier components and various rectifier power module. It has conducted the technical cooperation and exchange with the power semiconductor industry of the United States and France for a long period, and takes the power semiconductor of the power electronics filed as the main research and development direction, and it especially focuses on the Schottky barrier diode with high efficiency and energy conservation. At present, it has owned dozens of domestic and foregin investiment and utility model patents and has been entered into the market with its own brand for more than ten years. Under the circumstance of continuously maintaining the growth of the sales scale, the Company gradually develops into a professional transnational power semiconductor designer and manufacturer. In recent years, it successively invested the downstream packaging and testing industry, completed the development and mass production of many patented products, and actively engaged in the packaging and testing business of the third generation of the wide bandgap power semiconductors.


Our main product is the low forward voltage drop-down Schottky barrier diode, which is divided into the planar type and trench type. With advantages of low loss, high efficiency, high reliability, super-fast switching speed and lower electromagnetic interference, the product is mainly used to the high-frequency and high-efficiency power conversion application, such as mobile phone and consumer electronics, LED lighting, solar energy, industrial inverter, UPS system, network communication, automotive electronics, display, television and household appliance, industry and communication, cloud end, server and other switching-mode power supply and energy management fields, etc. For more than ten years, we have continuously served for more than a hundred downstream large-scale and listed enterprises in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese Mainland, which is the direction of our continuous development. In addition, we take the pursuit of a greater energy management and conservation efficiency as our development goals and mission to make continuous contribution to the energy conservation and carbon reduction and green environmental protection.




In recent years, Sirect Semiconductors Inc. successively obtained a number of innovative patent products, which are of significance to the power semiconductor industry, such as the boost diode packaging patented structure for the tandem type power factor correction (PFC), etc. The above products have many important advantages, such as low manufacturing cost, high production efficiency, high product consistency, high reliability, great improvement of the conversion efficiency and relatively low selling price, etc., which provide a more reasonable tandem packaging structure and are planned to be used in the packaging and testing fields of the silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) to accelerate the development speed and progress of the third generation of the wide bandgap power semiconductor. In addition, the single-phase and three-phase bridge rectifier elements that have obtained the United State Utility Patent and their application schemes effectively improved the reliability and power density of the traditional bridge rectifier and power rectifier module, and greatly reduced the use space and cost of the circuits of the products. The fully automatically produced and extremely small high power density devices replaced the traditional old-type bridge rectifier and middle and large scale rectifier power module that cannot be produced at a high automation, and they are the first products in the world with a high cost performance and high reliability.


In order to complete the global strategic layout, accelerate the capital formation and resource integration, strengthen the overall competitive advantages, deepen R&D capacity and the utilization efficiency of resources, the Company is gradually completing the upstream and downstream resource integration plan at the time of expanding the product width and depth and deepening the development of the Blue Ocean patented products. At present, many patented products are in a stage of the mass production, which are planned to be provided for the power management designer with more and better efficient selection schemes at a competitive price and performance.


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